About Us


The Dialogue team is an intentional mix of marketing strategists, technologists and creatives who nurture and sustain engagement at scale.

  • Have you ever thought about how brands connect with their customers around an idea that is bigger than the transaction? That’s what we do.
  • You know how confusing it is today to imagine how a campaign leverages the many channels or choices the customer has to engage with you? We provide road maps for that.
  • Have you ever felt great about a company or business partner because of their ethos, not just their product or service? We help brands uncover and communicate that.

Nora DePalma

President and CEO

Nora DePalma is founder and chief executive of Dialogue, an agency she founded to provide engagement strategy and execution to purpose-led companies. Nora leads the agency's digital marketing and analytics practices, wielding spreadsheets and dashboards with ninja-like skill to help clients realize engagement at scale through the benefits and efficiencies of marketing technology.

Lisa Lilienthal Dialogue

Lisa Lilienthal

Principal/Purpose Practice

Relationships are Lisa’s superpower as she creates thought leadership and influencer platforms for purpose-led people and organizations. With more than 25 years experience working with mission-minded leaders, Lisa is an adept writer and storyteller. She has deep expertise in sustainability marketing

Naomi Salad Dialogue Marketing

Naomi Salad

Lifestyle Communications and PR

Naomi is a public relations counselor who has more than 16 years of public relations agency experience in consumer lifestyle and home/building products brands.  Naomi specializes in the intersection of pop culture and brands and is a winner of seven industry awards, including one for this memorable campaign leveraging Howie Mandel to launch a self-cleaning toilet.


Jen Datka

Director of Research and Special Projects

Jen Datka is a professionally- trained chef, a graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute and a James Beard Foundation Scholarship recipient. Jen brings her significant creative talents together for kitchen, culinary and food-justice clients -- and her colleagues, too. Jen manages reporting, writing and media relations for Dialogue clients. Jen creates our custom recipes

Nyasha Nembhard Dialogue Marketing

Nyasha Nembhard

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Nyasha is a marketing professional who graduated with both her Undergraduate and Graduate degree from Georgia State University. Her professional background is in sales and marketing. Nyasha brings a sweet spin on the creative side of things and loves to engage with her audience whether it’s through social content or relaying back end data, and bringing conversations to life.

Jim Datka Dialogue

Jim Datka

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Datka is the chief operating officer for Dialogue, managing the back of the house for the agency. His professional experience includes marketing leadership and strategy at public and private corporations. He also has extensive experience working with women and racial/ethnic minority entrepreneurs assisting in the creation of business plans, management training and obtaining financing. A talented DIY and gardener, Jim's garden is frequently shared on Nora's Instagram with the hashtag #jimsgarden. 


The Dialogue Network

United States and Canada

Dialogue has a network of creatives, social media marketing professionals, affiliate marketers, community managers, inbound marketing specialists, and PR pros who support our clients across North America.