Nora DePalma

Dialogue Founder/Owner

Hi, I'm Nora. 👋 

Nora at Inbound

I've had an unusual career path. I was in PR, but also in direct marketing.

You don't usually see those two disciplines coming together, but I always saw the same empathetic marketing skill set in both. The strategy always starts with the audience

That's why I named my agency Dialogue. The work we do leads with your audience. I've built a team that knows the vast array of audiences that emerging water, energy and food brands need to reach.

Some other things about me: 

  • Working in complex supply chains for my entire career taught me the value of scaling those relationships while building and sustaining trust
  • I'm the data queen. I need to know if the work hits the mark. Especially in advocating for the adoption of ideas and technologies that will change people's lives. I need to know it's working because it's the change I want to see in the world.
  • Related: I'm a general geek, big into science, and love to learn how things work.  
  • I grew up on the Jersey Shore. (Exit 63, IYKYK). I've lived north of Atlanta GA for 25 years. 
  • When I'm not at my desk, I'm out in the woods. I had a life-changing personal wellness transformation after getting into backpacking. Hence all the mountains and trees here on my website. They make me happy and I hope they make you happy too.

Nora - JMT

On the John Muir Trail, August 2023

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