How We Do It

Our Process

Within 1-2 Weeks


We research news headlines, keywords, hashtags, search trends, headlines, and social listening to understand how your target audience thinks and talks about your solution or idea. 

Within 1-2 Weeks
Within 2-4 Weeks

Plan and Goal Setting

We bring our findings to you with recommendations for messaging, targeting, tactics and timeline designed to maximize your marketing investment and track whether or not it is working.

Within 2-4 Weeks
Within 3-6 Weeks

Campaign Asset Development

This is content, such as articles, videos and special events. It is also social media and email marketing assets and may include media, influencer and opportunity calendaring.

Within 3-6 Weeks

Manage and Measure

Once we're underway, we're meeting with you and reporting progress on a cadence of your choosing. We are monitoring campaigns and proactively making suggestions for continuous improvement.

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