We Helped Honey Baked Ham Test Organic Pinterest Possibilities

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Nov 23, 2020 8:56:36 AM

If a Millionaire's BLT makes you hungry just thinking about it, imagine how we felt executing on a delicious project with the iconic Honey Baked Ham brand to test the possibilities of a purely organic 90-day Pinterest campaign. 

Every time we received new image assets from the client, we all just wanted to run out and get lunch. 


This is the Honey Baked Ham' Millionaires BLT. Now you're hungry.

That's the reaction Honey Baked Ham hoped to have from Pinterest users seeking to find new mealtime solutions during the pandemic summer of 2020 when families' regular routines were upended. 

The campaign's primary goal was to increase website visits and the secondary goal was to increase message reach through search optimization on Pinterest.

What We Did:

  • Researched trending keywords on Pinterest.
  • Conceptualized new boards and descriptions aligning with Pinterest search trends.  
  • Repinned daily and added new pins weekly. 
  • Tracked website visits and high-performing source pins 


How We Did: 90-Day Outcomes

Outcomes Graphics (2)-1


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