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Last updated 1/23/2022

What's a good engagement rate on Instagram?

How many times a week should I post on LinkedIn? 

How should I think about email open rates now?

The modern PR arsenal includes social media, email advertising, influencer marketing, and more digital channels than ever before. Algorithms change, trends emerge. How do we know how we're doing? 

This is a guide we put together for internal use that we're now sharing publically with our audience. We find it helpful to curate digital marketing benchmarks from multiple sources in one handy resource when we're reporting campaign outcomes. This will help you stay on top of changes in the digital landscape so that you can continue to succeed with your business goals!

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LinkedIn Advertising Cost Per Click

LinkedIn is a great tool for executive thought leadership and personal branding, as well as recruiting. Longer posts can perform better on that platform, particularly posts having a distinct point of view.

  • The average LinkedIn cost per click in 2021 seems to be in the $5-$6 range, based on Dialogue campaign outcomes and two sources: $5.26 (Source: WebFX)  and $5.58 (Source: the B2B House).

LinkedIn Click Thru Rate

LinkedIn Click Thru rate ranged from 2.5% - 4.5% in 2021  (Source: Social Insider)


LinkedIn Engagement Rate

LinkedIn engagement rate in 2021: 0.35% per post (Source: Social Insider)

The average engagement rate for video sponsored content is 1.6% (Source: The B2B House)


LinkedIn Average Video View Rate

LinkedIn defines a video view as 2 or more continuous seconds of playback while the video is at least 50% on screen. View rate is the video views divided by video impressions multiplied by 100.

The social reporting tool Social Status reports the average video view rate from LinkedIn company page posts monthly using a slightly different formula of video views divided by reach vs. impressions. They find considerable variation month-to-month. 

At Dialogue, we aim for at least a 20% LinkedIn video view rate for organic and sponsored content video.


Facebook Advertising Cost Per Click

The Facebook advertising network, now known as a Meta network, includes advertising for Facebook and Instagram platforms.

  • In q3 2021, the average Facebook cost per click was $0.21  (Source: AdEspresso)
  • In q3 2021, the average Facebook cost per lead was $0.43  (Source: AdEspresso)
  • In q3 2021, the average Facebook cost per conversion was $0.87  (Source: AdEspresso)


Facebook Engagement Rate

  • The median benchmark for Facebook engagement rate per post was 0.09% for 2019 and 2020. (Source: Sprout Social

Sprout Social breaks it down further by industry, with food and beverage at 0.1%, home decor at 0.06%, and non-profits at a 0.12% average engagement rate.


Instagram Engagement Rate

A note about Instagram engagement in 2022: organic engagement has been steadily dropping on the platform over the last two years. Video has the lowest engagement rate as traditionally measured by comments and likes, but Instagram wants us to watch more videos, so view rate and Story clicks will be as important as engagement rate going forward.

  • Instagram engagement rate in 2021: 0.31% per post. (Source: Trust Insights)
  • Instagram carousels drive the highest engagement rate at 0.43%. Photos earn a 0.33% engagement rate. Videos drive the lowest engagement rate at 0.16%, although video view time is the most critical factor there. (Source: Trust Insights)


Email Marketing Benchmarks

Current and pending privacy changes, starting with the 2021 Apple i0S 15 update, mean that email benchmarks are shifting considerably. Constant Contact publishes monthly email marketing benchmarks from its user base to keep current on evolving norms.  

  • For November 2021, the average email open rate was 22.60% and the click rate was 1.4%.
  • By industry, that includes retail at an 18.77% open rate and 0.93% click rate; manufacturing and distribution at a 19.12% open rate and 1.23% click rate; non-profits at a 26% open rate and 1.5% click rate.


TikTok Trending Video Benchmarks

Trust Insights released these TikTok benchmarks for trending videos at the end of 2021. Key takeaways:

  • Trending TikTok videos averaged 3 hashtags, 61 characters in their captions and were 15 seconds in length.
  • Trending TikTok videos had medians of 441,300 views and 42,800 likes. 
  • Not surprisingly, the accounts that generated trending videos were larger and more established with a median of 188,600 fans and 4,245 likes.


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