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RIP Universal Analytics, the Google Analytics we all know and love. Welcome to Google Analytics 4, the Google Analytics few of us have taken to the time to learn, let alone love.

Google Analytics 4 is, well, different. It will take some time to master, so I join the chorus of groans from last week's announcement.

Understanding Google Analytics is mission-critical for your engagement strategy, and the good news is that Google has given us until July 1 2023 to master Google Analytics 4.

But there is one urgent thing to do immediately. Set up Google Analytics 4 so it can start collecting data now

Goodbye to Universal Analytics Historical Data on October 1, 2023

It's not just Universal Analytics going away, but all the historical data in your Universal Analytics profile. This will not transfer to Google Analytics 4. Meaning that data will be lost after October 1, 2023, three months after Universal Analytics goes away. 

The only historical data you'll have going forward is from your Google Analytics 4 profile.

So you need to set that up now to run alongside your Universal Analytics so you can start gathering data for future benchmarking.

How To Set Up Google Analytics 4

The good news is that Google Analytics 4 is easy to set up. If you go to your existing Universal Analytics account, you will likely see a blue banner across the top prompting you to set up Google Analytics 4.

Here is more information from Google about how to set up Google Analytics 4 on an existing Google Analytics account.

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