What is Earned Media and Why Does It Go Beyond PR?

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Earned media is media where you don't pay for reach. You have to earn the attention of your audience to garner reach.

At Dialogue, we believe earned goes well beyond media relations.

Earned is content so compelling, that your targets choose to consume it, whether it's organic social, SEO, or--in real life--stopping instead of walking past a retail display or trade show booth.

In this video, veteran public relations veterans Nora DePalma and Lisa Lilienthal join award-winning TV producer Cyndy Cecil Bragg for a conversation about how brands and thought leaders can build trust through earned media and earned engagement.

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Earning interest takes a PR mindset because it’s not just pushing marketing messages out there. It's pulling people in with content is built around what they want to see and hear vs. what you want to say. 

A PR mindset is a storytelling mindset. It always starts by listening. How can I best serve you? What do you need? 

The story is not where the transaction happens: the story transcends the transaction.

The story is where we get your attention, get a share of your mind, get a reaction, start a dialogue. It’s where the relationship begins. Once you've earned their interest and they're engaging with you, then you can start to get some of your messages across.

It can take some time before you get to the transaction. It’s often said it can take up to seven interactions before someone considers a purchase action. Working with journalists to secure PR coverage can take months. Engaging directly with stakeholders can similarly take months of social media engagement and repeated welcomed interactions.  


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