Connecting the Contract Design Market to Sustainable Acoustic Solutions

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Jan 5, 2020 7:09:25 AM

Seattle-based FSorb was headed to its first Neocon with a small but growing following in the architect and design (A&D) world. The sustainable and versatile acoustic panels company had built a great conversation around the role that acoustics have in mindfulness and wellbeing.

We helped the young brand punch above its weight at Neocon in a couple of key ways: Social media advertising on LinkedIn and Instagram provided a point of entry to the pre-event conversation. We engaged two A&D influencers to amplify the company and the product features and benefits. A partnership with a larger floorcovering brand gave us a venue (and an audience) for FSorb to conduct a mini mental wellbeing talk. A buttoned-up public relations strategy ensured that a steady stream of editors visited the booth.

Dialogue Interior Designer Marketing at Neocon


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