Activating for ActiClean - A Perfect Celebrity/Brand Match 

Germaphobe Howie Mandel Helps Launch World's First Self-Cleaning Toilet

Celebrity activations work best when there is an authentic connection between the brand message and the celebrity.

Dialogue's Nora DePalma and Naomi Salad concepted and executed a campaign to turn the most disliked household chore into influencer gold for American Standard when we supported retail launch of the world’s first self-cleaning toilet with a three-month PR campaign anchored by celebrity “germaphobe” Howie Mandel. His well-documented fear of germs illustrated the product’s value proposition perfectly.


Through TV appearances in select markets, a priceless “Access Hollywood” television appearance, a social-media driven “are you a clean freak” video contest we created a memorable launch for an innovative new product. 

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Topics: Marketing to Consumers, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing